Calling nurses from Qld, WA and NT

We would love to have contact with Christian nurses in States where there have been no NCF Branch in recent years.  We are happy to send you electronic copies of  ‘Faith in Practice’  the NCFA newsletter, and information about the coming Conferences.  Our last NCFI Regional conference was in Fiji 2014.  The next conference will be in Taiwan in June 2018.  See videos below. 


Please email us with the following details
Name and email address
RN, Midwife, Nursing Student or other category of nurse
Place of work or study.

For full details of the NCF International PACEA (Pacific and East Asia) Conference and associated events go to:



One thought on “Calling nurses from Qld, WA and NT

  1. Georgina Hoddle

    Had lunch with an RN from QLD last week. She loved the invite to contact NCFA-NSW so I gave her a copy of our Newsletter. Pray she gets in touch, soon.

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