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NCFA Newsletter Faith in Practice

Non members may subscribe to the NCFA Newsletter Faith in Practice.  Choose to receive it by mail or email.  Four 8 page issues per year.  See a SAMPLE COPY   FinP 5-18 6 SUBSCRIBE

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Nursing the Whole Person

Caring for the Whole Person 2010  (PPT Show) Nursing the Whole Person in a Rapidly Changing World  (Download pdf) Paper presented at the NCFA NSW Conference 2010.  University of Notre Dame Aust        

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Hope in a Suffering World

Presentations from the NCFA NSW 2008 Conference: Hope in a Suffering World   Hope in suffering    Paper and PPT presentation   Paper – A Biblical View of Suffering  Where is God in a Suffering World? A Suffering World Visuals  (PPT Show)    

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An Evolution of Caring: in nursing and NCF

An Evolution of Caring… Of all the ideas and concepts that have symbolised nursing since its beginnings there is one central idea that has been constant and enduring.  Many of my High School friends had a burning ambition to become nurses. At the time I did not share that ambition so I was curious to know why […]

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