Call to Leadership

Many believe that nursing leadership is the vehicle through which nursing practice and health care policy will be shaped in the not so distant future. This represents a significant challenge for all nurses, but is perhaps especially true of Christians in nursing who have taken seriously Jesus’ directive to his disciples to be salt and light in the world. Nurses Christian Fellowship helps to prepare nurses at all levels to be leaders who will make a difference to nursing.  It does this by offering:

  • conferences and workshops in Sydney and regional areas of NSW
  • resources such as teaching materials and papers by Christian nurses who have presented at our professional events, or written for the NCFA newsletter.
  • linking nurses with the online leadership program developed by NCF International, or Institute of Christian Nursing (a new initiative of NCFI).

NCF Leadership

To achieve our mission, including preparing nurses for leadership, and providing a Christian perspective on nursing issues, NCFA in NSW needs leaders – council members, workshop presenters, members for teams such as publicity and media, conferences, and administration. Nurses with writing and editorial skills can serve on the NCFA newsletter team.

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