NCFA Celebrates 100 Years!

centenary flyer-newCentenary events in Melbourne in 2013 included a Thankgiving Service at St James Old Cathedral, a Celebration Dinner on 16 May, and a Conference the following day. Nurses from Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania attended the events. Keynote Speaker Dr Tove Giske of Norway spoke on Shaping the Future of Care in the 21st Century. International Perspectives on Caring were presented in a Forum with Tove Giske, Amy Rex Smith (USA) Chieko Fukishima (Japan). Other presentations focussed on the three sub themes of the conference.

A Caring Tradition

Christian foundations and a continuing tradition of care have labelled nursing as the caring profession. This sub theme explores the evolution of caring in nursing, as well as the continuing tradition of NCF Australia in its role of caring for nurses as they care for others. Presenters were Heather Gilbert and Margaret Hutchison

 Caring in Action

The shape of caring today, while owing much to past tradition, is constantly changing to meet new situations and needs. Nurses working in health care areas both at home and overseas find that innovative and courageous initiatives are often called for. Presentations will highlight caring in specific nursing settings. Presenters were Carmel McLeod and Sally Bennie

 A Caring Revolution

Health care systems across the globe are in a state of rapid change. With services decentralised, or reorganised, models of care are likely to look very different in the not so distant future. Despite this, the essence of true caring is something we wish to preserve and enhance.   Presenter  –       Dr Anne van Loon Digital Camera ICN Symposium Digital Camera Digital Camera